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Downy after 15 washes vs detergent alone after 15 washes

The laundry process can wreak havoc on your clothes. Relentless agitation, high-speed spinning and intense dryer heat can damage clothes at the fiber level. Downy helps strengthen fibers so your clothes maintain their original shape. Downy also smoothes fibers, reducing the friction between them that causes them to break and lead to pilling and fuzz. When fibers break, they also cause colours to appear dull, so using Downy also helps keep your clothes from fading.

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We put a GoPro® in a washing machine.

What really happens to your favorite clothes during the laundry process? We put a camera into a washing machine to find out first-hand. Watch now

Downy protects against stretching.

Downy protects against stretching.

Your clothes go through a lot during the laundry process. The average top-loader washer thrashes your clothes 3000 times every wash. Protect your clothes from stretching out of shape with the fiber level protection of Downy. Learn more

Downy protects against fading.

Downy protects against fading.

The friction and heat from the laundry process can damage fibers, in fact some dryers on medium heat can reach temperatures hot enough to cook ribs. This fiber damage can dull the colours of your favorite clothes, so use Downy to protect your fabrics from fading away too soon. Learn more

Downy protects against fuzz.

Downy protects against fuzz.

As the fibers of your fabrics get damaged, you might notice unsightly fuzzing and pilling. That’s why you should use Downy to protect the fibers from damage, keeping them intact longer, reducing pills and fuzz on your favorite clothes. Learn more

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Son vs. Sweater

This mom and son learn how Downy fabric conditioner helps protect favorite clothes against laundry fails.

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See why Downy fabric conditioner is important in helping your favorite clothes STAY your favorite clothes!