At the End of the Day, There's No Smelling What You Did

It's a fact of life, right? You put on fresh clothes when you start your day, but as the hours pile up and the to-do list shortens, your outfit loses its invigorating freshness. That's just the way it is… or WAS. When you treat your laundry to Downy Fresh Protect In-Wash Odor Shield, your fabrics are infused with fresheners that activate as you move, knocking out odours on the spot. So both you and your clothes can maintain that take-on-the-world freshness all day long.

How Downy Fresh Protect Works

Motion-Activated Odour Neutralization

As you move throughout your day, motion-activated fresheners neutralize bad odours—perfect for working out.

All-Day Odour Protection

Provides 24-hour neutralization—like a deodorant for your clothes—and keeps your family smelling fresh and clean.

Use a Little or a Lot

Use half a cap (to the middle) for everyday odour protection. Use a whole cap (to the top) for maximum protection.

How to Use Fresh Protect


  • Shake beads into cap-middle line for everyday odor protection, top for MAXIMUM.
  • Toss into drum before starting washer.
  • Add Ultra Downy fabric conditioner and detergent to drawer.
  • Add clothes, set cycle, and being Fresh Protecting!


  • Shake beads into cap as desired
  • Toss into drum before starting washer.
  • Add conditioner and detergent according to washer instructions.
  • Add clothes, set cycle, and start.